January 4, 2012

Downloads, Vision Boards & Updated Bios: A New Year Is a Lot of Work

The saga behind the install of my new Operating System represents, in all of its pain-in-the-buttness, A Good Thing. I'm actually doing some of the things we're all supposed to do at the start of any New Year.
  • How up-to-date is your software and OS? Do you have the ability to have a perfectly synched calendar and phone book on your phone and laptop but you have no idea how to do it? Click through your User's Guide, and search on the web and You Tube for the best answers. I lived through it; you can, too.
  • Clean out your Address Book and get those contacts organized. A lot can happen in a year -- which names need to go to a different folder...or to the trash bin?
  • Try a new social program. For me, it's Google Plus. It's not new, of course, and I have an account. I just can't seem to remember that it exists.
There. I said it. You can't fix what you won't acknowledge, Dr. Phil says.
  • Re-read your bio/s and resume. Delete, edit and add. You did something big in 2011...is it on there?
  • Back-up your computer. Thanks to HubbyMine, I can check this one off my list. One of my Christmas gifts was a ClickFree back-up that wirelessly manages up to 5 computers with automatic back-up.
  • Change up your passwords. I really need to do this -- the news of hacked Gmail accounts late last year had me thinking about how many passwords I use again and again on different sites. Not good.
  • Do any gadgets need updating? I'm still learning my new smartphone, but I know I'll be adept with it by conference season.
  • And, if you're truly in a "New Year, New You" frame of mind, get some scissors and magazines and make your dreams a bit more tangible on a Vision Board. Basically, you clip words, phrases and pictures of what you want to manifest in your life and tape or paste them on a piece of art board or heavy paper.
A trip to Australia or a seat on Good Morning America? Wh
y not both? The only rule is not to censor yourself. There's no way I can get to Europe for at least a year, you think. Absolutely no way. Yeah, well, you don't know everything. If you ever clapped for Tinkerbelle to live, why can't you now open up to the possibility that you might stroll the Seine? A vision board matches your dreams with your faith in yourself and the Universe around you.

Not your thing? Why not simply sit and write your goals for the coming year. Then take your completed board, or list, and position it where you'll see it at least twice every day. I chose my office bulletin board; some people put it on a closet door, which also provides some privacy.

No one knows what 2012 has in store, though a U.S. presidential campaign and election is never, um, normal. Figure out which of your communications tools and personal objectives need an overhaul for the New Year and get moving!

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