December 8, 2011

Unintentional Separation Can Drive You Mad: A Smartphone Love Story

We're taking a quick break from the annual countdown of Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas. The Goddess went out into the world for more than 5 hours without her mobile phone. This was decidedly NOT done on purpose. The experience was tramatizing.

By the time I realized I didn't have it, I was far from home, which is exactly where it was: charging. Ah well, I thought. I'll be OK without it.

Destination #1: Within 30 minutes after leaving the office, I realized what a predicament I was in. Was a client trying to reach me by email? By phone?

In the car before leaving Destination #1, all I could think about was lunch from my favorite Chinese restaurant. I pushed the Bluetooth on the steering wheel to auto-dial
and order carry-out.

Nothing happened. Without a phone attached, Bluetooth is just blue.

Destination #2: TJ Maxx. I passed a sweater that I loved so much that I decided I'd shoot a photo and send it to HubbyMine for my Christmas list. I was really out of sorts when I figured out that wasn't gonna happen.

Destination #3: At the restaurant, I wanted to ask HubbyMine if he wanted the spareribs or beef and vegetables. He wound up with Goddess Surprise, and my phone hasn't left my side since.

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