June 2, 2011

Looking to Connect with Bloggers? Get Some Clues from MAC Cosmetics.

"Blogger Relations" sounds so up-to-the-minute that the very term itself can intimidate some folks into deciding they don't even need to learn a better definition. Blogs are different from traditional print and broadcast media, of course, but so what? Good PR pros always knew the nuanced differences between the requirements of, say, a science mag, a science TV show and the newspaper columnist who does the science Q&A column. (Image Credit: CaliforniaFamily.CA)

It's really not that different when learning to distinguish blogger preferences and reach. Yeah, it may take a bit more effort to read posts over time to really understand the site and the blogger behind it. But if a blog is well read by the audience you need to reach, a post that's dedicated to your organization or product will go far. The challenge is to believe the numbers and analytics that say so; it's just not the same as holding a hard-copy newspaper clipping in your hands.

I write a blog, and I love it for a blur of reasons. Because of my own struggles to produce posts -- content-- on a regular basis, I know the challenge must be fairly universal across the blogosphere. I'd love to be a devoted reader of all of the blogs and bloggers that interest me, but just a quick scan of the mega-blogs (Mashable, Huffington Post, etc.) eats up an entire morning, no prob.

Yes, the Goddess confesses to being being a sporadic blog reader, even with RSS and an iPad. The Flipboard app that creates an e-zine from RSS feeds and social links helps, but I can still be surprised to find that a blog is sporting a totally new layout since the last time I read it. Or, the blogger has shifted focus somehow. That happened this week when I dropped in at Afrobella after an absence of, well, let's say lots of months.

I knew that Patrice Yursik (Below left, Credit: Errol Dunlap) had attracted headlines with the blog she started in 2006 about her decision to embrace her natural hair, leaving chemical straighteners behind. I even knew that she'd been profiled last May by Black Enterprise for Black Bloggers Month. The surprise came when I saw how her blog's scope has expanded. The subhead explains it as, "Beauty. Hair.
Culture. Life." That about covers it. Macy's ads and giveaways. Wowza, this baby blog is all grown-up.

My prodigal visit coincided with Ms. Yursik's announcement that she'd recently been invited to MAC Cosmetics' Toronto lab with 8 other beauty
bloggers (Lipstick Powder and Paint, The MakeUp Girl, Temptalia, Beauty Blogging Junkie, Beauty Maverick, Beauty and Makeup Blog, Nitrolicious and Shades of U). Each woman was selected for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to work with chemists and create a lipglass or eyeshadow for MAC's new Bloggers' Obsession collection.

Pure. Genius.

A cosmetics line developed by, not just your customers, but the beauty bloggers who have reviewed your product in the past and surely will in the future. Crayola crayons gave Oprah
her own color, which garnered predictable heaps of publicity, but MAC's marketing brains had to work harder. A lot harder.

Bloggers' Obsessions are on sale starting June 21st, but only where bloggers live: online, (Surely there'll be some samples at BlogHer '11 in August, don'tcha think? More than 2,500 women bloggers in one spot!

(Oprah's Crayola, by the way, is The Color Purple, and
Afrobella's lipglass is All of My Purple Life. Of course, purple is the Goddess' FAVORITE color, too. Crown chakra, y'all!)

The cosmetics world holds special events online and off for beauty bloggers, but I hereby dub this campaign as thinking way outside of that famous box. How might YOU go 'above and beyond' to attract and truly engage the bloggers in your sphere?

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Shermika said...

It is very smart for companies to use bloggers. MAC really knew what they were doing!